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*realizes he has enough money* i did have enough money for that controller i wanted but no stores had it in today so...i'm waitin for tomorrow to see if anyone has it. A portable controller would be very helpful for me. But anywho the game a recently gotten "Lost Kingdoms" is sorta short, I'm up to the last boss but once i beat him i'm gonna trade in the game for another game probably. I kinda want "Bomberman Generation" It looks ok so far I'm gonna rent it. Two more days until Zach comes to visit! Anywho, today i had to pick up my dad at the airport but on the way me and my mom stopped at this huge mall. Its so huge it has its own hotel! If it was more than one story it would be better but anyway...i didn't really buy anything there. I saw a Trigun thingy i wanted but it was pretty expensive so i didn't get it. Oh well...I'll find it again someday xP
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