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Hey Everybody!

Well...ya. I haven't updated in a while cause Zach has been over. We dropped him off at his house yesterday and i slept over his house last night and right now I'm at my grandmas. I'm really bored. I'm just talkin to Matt on AOL right now. I really want to see Lilo & Stitch but i have no time this weekend...well i do have the time but no one has the time to take i figure I'll go next week with a couple friends and stuff. Well I'm goin to the mall by my grandmas sometime and i'm gonna see if they have the Trigun eps i want. I'm kinda hoping they don't so i don't spend my money cause i want this game called "WarCraft 3" for my computer and that comes out July 3rd. So...i'm just gonna be bored and stare at the computer screen k?
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