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I had a great day today. Well atleast most of the day. Most of the day i was bored. But anyway like i was saying.... around 7, my parents suggested we go to the place that just opened up last week called 'Springz'. Its a pretty cool place that has a cafe, arcade, bowling, laser tag, go karts, and after 9 they have a dj come in and people dance and stuff. Well anyway i decieded to go since i knew i was gonna run into somebody i knew (since its close and i know lots of my friends go there) and sure enough I did. Right when i got there we stopped in the cafe looking to see what they had to eat and we see my friend R.J. walk in. He kept me company for a while. Afterwards he went to do his own stuff while i looked around. Then i saw my other friend Joanna with her friend Apryle. We hung out like the whole time. It was pretty fun. First we went in the laser tag place, R.J. joined us also, and it was cool even though i came in 15th place out of 18 people xD. R.J. then left sometime after that cause we didn't see him anymore.

Its wierd the way they work that place. You use special cards to notify who you are and to put tokens on and tickets for prizes and such. I named myself Turtleboy on my card. xD People were like 'who the?' It was funny. But anyway after that we played like 2 games of bowling. That was fun also, especially when Apryle dropped the ball in my hands and it slipped falling to the ground with a loud noise scaring the crap out of this one guy xD. Joanna won the first game and i won the second. Afterwards Joanna and Apryl ran into some of their friends whom i knew from school but didn't know much. We played a couple arcade games and such. Omg they have this dance game thing. Its really wierd. You have to step on certain tiles and such. So the 3 of us just sat there and watched people dance. It was pretty funny to find out what their score was at the end. But later, we looked for my parents and found them with food so we snacked out until Joanna and Apryle had to leave with was around 10:15.

I left shortly after she did and came home waiting for adult swim to come on. I watched Yuyu-Hakusho then i was waiting for Cowboy Bebop to come on when another Yuyu comes on. Then i found out they have this whole marathon thing goin on. It was the season finale so right now i'm just enjoying myself watchin anime and such. ^^ Right now their airin reruns so i'm updating this to tell all you people what a great day i had! I think is like the longest journal entry i've ever had, lol. Well anyway see ya!
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